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  Have you come to this site looking for help in communicating

your ideas through photography? I believe that my decades of experience in serving the specialized needs of my clients makes me uniquely qualified to provide the high quality technical imaging, combined with compositional artistry, that is required.

   Architectural photographs are my primary specialty. Based in Lambertville, NJ, near Princeton, my work has included many assignments in the New York City and Philadelphia areas as well.

Of course, I am available to travel to any location necessary.        

  My photographs have been published in most forms of media, both traditional and newly emerging. Projects photographed have won design awards, and the images have been honored on their own merit. I take pride in the craftsmanship applied to each photo.

  All assignments receive my full personal attention, not just at the time of shooting but in pre-planning and post-production also. I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to any photographic needs that you might have. Please email if you have any questions regarding working with me.           

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